Canadian Sunglasses are a real vintage, Canadian-made, heritage sunglasses collection. On Prince Edward Island in the 1980’s a small factory called Tannereye made big waves in the eyewear industry leather covering frames. Quickly they were producing for major brands from Ray-Ban (B&L) to Ralph Lauren in what was a golden era of Canadian eyewear manufacturing. The original leather frames made in the factory remains some of the most coveted vintage product in the industry today. Made in Canada by Tannereye.



Born out of PEI’s eyewear history, Fellow Earthlings could not exist without this foundation. With invaluable mentors and old factory machines came the legend of Tannerye and it’s world renowned Canadian-made product. The remaining stock from the factory was uncovered in a Prince Edward Island basement in 2016, including a mass of original prototypes complete with handwritten makers notes and the perfectly preserved Canadian Sunglasses collection.